Citizen Involvement

On 03/03/16 at approximately 3:40 am, Adams County Sheriff’s deputies stopped a vehicle on Duck Pond Rd. with two dirt bikes and a four-wheeler on a utility trailer.  Sheriff Patten stated that after further investigation, it was discovered that the trailer and one of the dirt bikes was stolen from locations in the city limits and the other dirt bike and four-wheeler was taken from the county.  However, none of the owners knew their property was missing until they were contacted by investigators.  Sheriff Patten stated, “Thanks to an alert citizen notifying the ACSO about suspicious activity involving this vehicle, deputies were able to recover several thousand dollars worth of property belonging to some hard working people.  We really appreciate our citizens getting involved with assisting law enforcement in fighting crime in our community!”

Arrested for four counts of Grand Larceny are as follows:

Trodarrius Carter, Aurelious Davis, Emanuel Carl Latham, and two juveniles.